Chrononutrition: time and content of meals and influence on sleep, intermittent fasting, sleep, food and metabolic diseases May 13, Thursday, 7:30 pm CLICK HERE AND GUARANTEE YOUR VACANCY MODERATION: Profª Dra. Elaine Cristina Marqueze Dr. Patricia Nehme GUESTS: Profª Dra. Cybele Crispim Nutritionist, Master and PhD in Nutrition by Univ. […]

October 22 at 7:30 pm Ila Marques Porto Linares Psychologist, Master in Neuroscience and PhD in Mental Health by FMRP-USP, Specialist in Behavioral Analytical Clinical Psychotherapy and Certified in Sleep Psychology by ABS. Moderator Leticia Soster Neurophysiologist at Hospital Albert Einstein and Alta Diagnóstica, Responsible for the Children’s Sleep Service […]

Obstructive Sleep Apnea and treatment with PAP: discussion of clinical cases 28 / Apr, Wednesday, 7:00 PM CLICK HERE AND GUARANTEE YOUR VACANCY MODERATION: Evelyn Brasil Physiotherapist, specialist in hospital physiotherapy, Master in Health Sciences at Unifesp. Moara Rocha Physiotherapist, post graduated in Sleep at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein / […]