ABS Chronobiology Webinar – May 13

Chrononutrition: time and content of meals and influence on sleep, intermittent fasting, sleep, food and metabolic diseases

May 13, Thursday, 7:30 pm


Profª Dra. Elaine Cristina Marqueze

Dr. Patricia Nehme


Profª Dra. Cybele Crispim

Nutritionist, Master and PhD in Nutrition by Univ. Federal de São Paulo, Professor of the Nutrition Course at the Faculty of Medicine of the Federal University of Uberlândia, Coordinator of the Study Groups in Nutritional Chronobiology (CRONUTRI / FAMED-UFU).

Doctoral student Luciana Nogueira

Nutritionist, master and doctoral student in Public Health from the Catholic University of Santos. Secretary of the Vale do Paraíba Regional and Coast of the Brazilian Sleep Association (ABS).

Profª Dra. Tássia Lopes

Nutritionist, Master in Applied Human Nutrition from the University of São Paulo and PhD in Health Sciences from the Federal University of Uberlândia. Professor of the Nutrition Course at the Catholic University of Santos.

Free registration