ABS Webinar – Association of Therapies for the Treatment of OSA with PAP

October 8 at 7:30 pm

Dr. Luciane Impelliziere Luna de Mello

Pulmonologist and specialist in Sleep Medicine.

Moara Rocha

Physiotherapist Post graduated in Sleep at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein / SP. Vice president of the Sergipe regional of ABS.

Giovana Diaféria

Speech therapist and coordinator of courses in sleep speech therapy at Instituto do Sono, certified in sleep speech therapy by ABS, master and doctor in science by UNIFESP.

Karina Flexa Ribeiro Mello

Specialist in Orthodontics and Functional Orthopedics, ABO-PA. Master in Imaginology from the Faculty SLMANDIC. Graduate in sleep dentistry AFIP. Vice-president of ABS Pará.

Silvia Conway

Sleep Psychologist, Director of the Brazilian Sleep Association, Volunteer at the Sleep Ambulatory at IPq-USP, Director of AkasA – Training and Knowledge.

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