ABS Regional Lecture Federal District

ABS Regional Lecture Federal District

Theme: Influence of sleep on mood disorders and suicidal behavior.

Date: 09/23/2019 at 7:30 pm

Location: Auditorium of the Federal Doctors’ Union
Quadra SGAS 607 S / N – Centro Clínico Metrópolis Building – Penthouse 1, Asa Sul
Brasília / DF – CEP: 70200670

Speaker: Dr. Rafael Vinhal da Costa

Medical residency in psychiatry at the Base Hospital of the State Department of Health of the Federal District – SES / DF; Medical residency in childhood and adolescence psychiatry at the Psico Pedagogical Medical Guidance Center and São Vicente de Paulo Hospital of SES / DF; Title of specialist in sleep medicine by AMB; Professor of the Medical School at ESCS / Fepecs; Physician at the Children’s Hospital of Brasília – HCB / SES / DF, with outpatient practice in the areas of childhood and adolescence psychiatry and in childhood and adolescence sleep medicine; Polysomnographist at the Sleep Laboratory of Clínica Sleep.

Free registration, limited spaces.
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